Medallion Quilt Along: Round 2 Reveal and Part 3 Instructions

Our medallions grew this month with the first round of borders. Everyone followed the same set of “rules” (suggestions) yet the all look so unique!

DSC03712 cropped.jpg

Part 3: Due at the November Meeting

  • Make one border that finishes at 4 inches.

  • You may want to include pieced blocks.

  • Cornerstones, asymmetry, and randomness are all suggestions.

As always, these “rules” are just suggestions. You may decide to add more than one border, or it may not be 4 inches. Your quilt will begin to speak to you at this point and give you ideas for this round and the ones after. If you have lots of pattern going on, you may want a “stopper” border before you start the next patterned border, or you may want to use a special print that acts as a bridge between the previous borders and the next ones.

Creativity, imagination, and boldness are your goals. Be daring and try something new!