Recap of July Meeting

Great to see so many members at our July Meeting!

****Retreat Information*****

Deadline is July 18th!!  $150 for 3 nights!! 9/18-21.  Please email Tara ASAP and she will give you her address to mail a check. Her email is:

A big Thank You to Anthony Ferranti, 3rd generation Sewing Machine Mechanic! Anthony was very generous with his time and expertise. Here are some of the take aways from his lecture:

  • Most problems originate from the needle and bobbin case area
  • Always try changing needle, making sure to thread towards flat side of needle
  • Size 12-14 needle will do most jobs
  • Only use your needle threader on needles over size 11
  • Avoid pulling fabric with left hand as you are sewing. Results in bending needle and dinging bobbin case.
His contact info is 401-529-5488. He will fix your machine right at your home/office!

Some of our Members' Favorite Quilt Books:

  • The Block Magazine ($6.00 quarterly)
  • Mary Ellen Hopkins, It's OK if you Sit on My Quilt
  • Patchwork City
  • Modern Patchwork

Modern Quilt Guild of Charleston: Thank you to everyone who brought or made a block for our sister guild in Charleston. If you still want to participate in Quilt for Mother Emanuel for Charleston, SC Modern Guild, please click on this link. Deadline is August 1st. and you may mail your block to them directly.

Show and Tell - Riley Blake:

 Jenn did the quilt and Sue A. Long Armed it!

 Tara chose Patchwork City Blocks!

 Jessica's 94"top is The Topiary Tiles Pattern

 Sangeeta's personal reflection for her "Life is a Gift" quilt was very moving!

 Becky's Turn Dash Quilt is fabulous!

Meredith's latest creation is her interpretation of the Osprey Nest and Babies near her house!

Sue experimented with alternate grid work using the bargello style.

Denise's table runner really shows off the free motion quilting!

Member Show and Tell:

 Jenn shared the mini quilt she received from her cotton & Steel online friend!

 Tara's Flying Geese Quilt is now hanging in her office!

 Jessica's circle of squares is Cotton and Steel fabric!

 Jessica's mini is precious!

 Rachel shared her wonderful blue and white winter quilt!

 Leslie got some help from her Mom on this 1/2 square triangle bed quilt!

 MaryAnn's jazzy Bag is adorable and versatile!

 Denise chose a diamond pattern to quilt her cousin's quilt!

 Karen shared her mini challenge quilt early using cotton and steel fabrics.

Suellen's colorful runner was produced using foundation piecing!

Patricia shared her 20 fabric Bargello Chart - thanks Pat!

Great meeting everyone!  Thank you for your awesome participation and enjoy the Summer!
Next Meeting will be a Pot Luck on the Grounds of the Cumberland Library!

"Let's Get to Know You" Interview Series for RIMQG

We are continuing our series called "Let's Get to Know You!"

Today we'll share an interview with RIMQG member Jill Belisle of Warwick
to get to know her better and gain some insight into how she incorporates
(modern) quilting into her life.....

Let's Get to Know... Jill Belisle

How did you learn to quilt?

      I tried teaching myself at age 16, but I had no idea what I was doing! I cut fabric squares (didn’t measure them to make them uniform) and sewed them together (didn’t know about seam allowances). I also didn’t quilt it, because I didn’t know you were supposed to do that either! It fell apart shortly after completion. I took a long break from sewing until my late twenties, when my friend Leslie Lowenstein (also a member of RIMQG) provided much-needed guidance and instruction. She’s a great teacher!

      What was your first machine?

      My first machine was an old Singer that I inherited from my grandmother (it was probably made in the 50's). That’s the one I used for that disaster of a first quilt. When I started sewing years later, I bought a Bernina Activa 145, which is the machine I still use today.
      Can you tell us about a favorite personal quilt? 

      One of my favorite quilts was the baby quilt I made for my nephew Colin. It could not have been more simple – nine 12-inch squares sewn together in three rows – but I loved making it. It was my first “real” quilt and I remember spending hours at the fabric store picking out just the right colors and patterns.

      What kind of memories does it hold for you?

      I was so proud of that simple little quilt. I had always wanted to give handmade items as gifts, and now I had finally done it! That was the beginning of many, many baby quilts that I have made over the years for friends and family.
      If you were to do this quilt over, would you do anything differently?

      I think I would have tried for a little more contrast with the fabrics. I used a novelty frog print as the main fabric, and the other fabrics I picked were all similar shades of green.
      What is your favorite quilting technique? 

      I really enjoy English paper piecing. I have been working on a quilt that is made from two-inch hexagons for about five years. There are thousands of pieces to be sewn together, and I work on it a little at a time. I don’t know if I will ever finish it, but it’s fun to do!
      Do you follow a Modern Quilter/Blog/Fabric House? Why do you like them

      What tips would you give a new quilter to Modern Quilting?

      I would encourage a new modern quilter to be adventurous, particularly when it comes to free-motion quilting. It’s not as scary as it first seems!
           What is something you love about Rhode Island?

      I love how close everything is. You can go from the city to the country to the shoreline all in the same day. Of course, this sometimes gets me in trouble, because I think I can get anywhere in the state in 20 minutes, which means I end up being unintentionally late for things!

Thank you Jill!  Most of us can appreciate your love of giving away "handmade" gifts.

Interview by Karen McCann, Communications for RIMQG

June Meeting Recap

RI Modern Quilt Guild Sewing Day!

We had a wonderful Sewing Day filled with machines buzzing, good food, sharing ideas and projects and great community building over our common bond of Modern Quilting. If you couldn't make this event, we will be sure to host more of these in the future.

Thank you, Tracey Williams,  for hosting our group at your beautiful home and property!

Meeting Recap:

Update on Michael Miller Challenge from MQG - Bring your completed challenge project to the July 12th meeting, when we will finally share our creations. Upload your picture to the Community Site of MQG before July 25th deadline.

Update on Quilters Retreat - 2nd Wave was filled. The girls are looking forward to some uninterrupted sewing time in Vermont!

Batting Presentation - Thanks Leslie for teaching us about the myriad of choices of batting available for our quilting projects. She explained and passed around a sample pack she had picked up at a Quilt Show. There is always something new to learn about batting.

Committee Updates:

     Charity Committee: We have enough blocks for our first Charity Quilt. Please keep those blocks coming and we always welcome donations of batting and backing. Thanks in advance!

     Activities Committee:  Modern Fabric/Supplies Yard Sale! Will take place at our August 9th Meeting. We'll have a pot luck at Lincoln Woods (very close to Ryco) and enjoy buying some new items for our stash. Proceeds go to the Guild.  Bring your items to the July 12th meeting.

     RIMQG Quilting Bee:  Charity and Jenn introduced a new spin on an old-fashioned concept - the Quilt Bee. This will be open to Members (if you haven't joined as a member yet, this is your incentive!) and we are hoping to get 12 or more members to sign up. Details will follow.

     NEW!! Highlight a RIMQG Member Interview:  Coming soon... Look for our new topic in our BLOG. We will interview and share the story of a member.

Show and Tell:  Always a fun part of the meeting!

Carole Ann explained her square/grid method to create modern blocks

Tara shared her MM Challenge and it is fabulous!

Jenn shared her 3 of a kind quilt

Jackie is repairing a quilt she made for her son to be given to her grandbaby! What a wonderful gift!

Meredith is fearless and took on this "crazy cat lady" quilt. This is her first large quilt! Congrats Meredith!

Believe it or not, Charity completed cut and pieced this strip & flip (jelly roll) quilt in one evening! Nice job!

Jen shared her Challenge blocks and Charm Pack Cherry Pattern Blocks - great!

Leslie's "Orange Peel" runner was a hit! 

Mary shared her fabric and pattern for a cute summer skirt for her granddaughter. Lucky kid!

Jodi shared her binding and summery blocks with everyone!

Suzanne's original Angel Quilt is a one of a kind!

 Karen shared her art quilt runner.

Tracey's "Going in Circles" Wall Hanging was amazing! This was accepted into the MQX Show!


See you next month on July 12th at Ryco!