2016 Board Member Introduction

We would like to provide a formal introduction to... drumroll please....

Your 2016 RIMQG Board of Directors!!!

Jill Belisle - 2016 RIMQG President

1) Tell us about your quilting history (years, style, machine, business)

My machine is a Bernina Activa 145, which I bought in 2002. At that time, I was trying to learn garment sewing, and took lessons. I produced a few really nice skirts thanks to my sewing teacher, but I never got really good at this type of sewing. About four years later, my sister-in-law announced that she was pregnant with my very first nephew. I thought it would be a great time to start quilting, so I bought a pattern (which really was silly because it was literally nine 12-inch fabric squares) and agonized over the fabric choices at Jo-Ann's. After finishing that quilt for Colin, who was born in early 2007, I decided I wanted to make more. Thanks to my work buddy (and our vice president!) Leslie Lowenstein, I learned how to bind and free-motion quilt, among many other quilting skills (she's especially good at quilt math!). I made lots more baby quilts, and finally "graduated" to some larger ones (never bigger than lap size, but maybe someday ...). I really enjoy smaller projects like table runners, wall hangings, and the recent postcard challenge! I have only four quilts that I made, the rest I've given away.

2) Why do you like being part of the RIMQG

This is my first time in a guild, and I'm really enjoying the camaraderie. Until I joined RIMQG, I only knew two other active quilters - now I know dozens! It's so much fun to meet people from all over the area, and I've learned so much from the demos and show-and-tell. I also love learning about modern quilting - it's so different from how I got started, but it's amazing!

3) Why is it important to you that you are part of the Board?

I was secretary last year, and I found the experience to be a lot of fun and really instructive. It's helping me develop leadership skills that I can use at work as well as on the board of a local nonprofit I volunteer for. It was also great to get to know the other board members better. I'm thrilled to take on the role as president this year, and I look forward working with the board and all of the members to raise our group's profile in the modern quilt community, welcome new members and make RIMQG THE guild to join! 

4) What are you most excited about for 2016 (for our group)?

I'm most excited about all of the great ideas our members brought forth in our December brainstorming session. There are so many fun activities that we could try, and I look forward to helping to bring them to life!

Leslie Lowenstein - 2016 RIMQG Vice President

1) Tell us about your quilting history (years, style, machine, business)

I've been sewing since I was little, but didn't start quilting until I was in college. I made a wall hanging out of wool--it was horrible but I think my mom still has it hanging in her house. I was probably the only student in my whole school with a giant quilting hoop in her dorm room! As a history major, I was really drawn to the history in quilts. I made traditional quilts and historical reproduction quilts and I was happy. But then I started seeing all these bright, bold colors, with lots of white and contrast and asymmetry and negative space and...it didn't take long to realize that, while I still love the history in quilts, modern quilting is for me. (I'm just wondering what to do with all that reproduction fabric in my stash!)

2) Why do you like being part of the RIMQG

The friendships, the ideas, and the inspiration! I come home from every meeting with a huge grin on my face. My husband thinks it's hysterical. I think it's so awesome to have REAL quilting friends who love it as much as I do!

3) Why is it important to you that you are part of the Board?

I love being so involved and being able to help to shape who we are as a group. I feel like the friendships I've made are so much stronger and I've been able to get to know so many more members through planning meetings, activities and events. I want to do everything I can to help other quilters grow and have as much fun as I’m having.

4) What are you most excited about for 2016 (for our group)?

The brainstorm we had at the December meeting made it very clear that we want to become more focused in 2016. I love that! I'm excited to really dig into a few core ideas. And I just can't wait to get started with the monthly Lucky Spool club that Sue initiated. What a great idea!

Jenn Galloway-Boyce - 2016 RIMQG Communications

1) Tell us about your quilting history (years, style, machine, business)

My grandmother taught me basic sewing when I was young but I was too much of a tomboy to care at that time.. I just couldn't  seem to sit at a sewing machine with such a huge world to explore outdoors! I began to quilt 10 years ago with a friend. She taught me some basics and than I found a lot of books on sewing at the Library. I also watched quilting tutorials on YouTube and taught myself. My first machine was a Brother and I now own a beautiful Babylock that I purchased from our VP Leslie. 

2) Why do you like being part of the RIMQG

I was pretty lonely sewing quilts in my basement and thought how much fun it would be to meet other quilters. I could not believe how I felt when I left my first RIMQG meeting at Ryco almost 2 years ago! It was amazing to find a room full of people that loved quilting as much as I did! I left that meeting so excited and inspired by all of the members and their beautiful quilts! Our guild is full of wonderfully talented and knowledgeable quilters and I have learned so much as a member of RIMQG!

3) Why is it important to you that you are part of the Board?

I truly believe in the mission of the MQG, which is "to support and encourage the growth and development of modern quilting through art, education, and community." Being a part of the RIMQG Board in 2015 has helped me to grow as a person and build lasting friendships with other members of the board and guild. I am excited to continue on the board this year in my new Communications position. 

4) What are you most excited about for 2016 (for our group)?

I am excited to learn new techniques together as a group and expand our knowledge of modern quilting by participating in activities and challenges. I am particularly excited about the Mighty Lucky Quilting Group that will begin in January.

Jen Smith - 2016 RIMQG Treasurer

1) Tell us about your quilting history (years, style, machine, business)

I have been quilting since February of 2012.  My husband had made our son a pirate ship bed and I needed to get a pirate sail for the mast on the bed.  I searched forever and then I decided to make my own.  Trouble was, I didn't have a sewing machine.  So, I went out and purchased the cheapest machine I could find and learned how to use it.  I managed to make the sail and then I needed a quilt.  Again, I searched and searched but the amazing quilts I found were so expensive.  So I decided to use my cheap machine to make one.  It turns out the quilt cost just as much as the ones I didn't want to buy, I know you are all shaking your head up and down right now!  But the best part of this long story is that I LOVED making that quilt!  I was hooked just after the first google search for fabric.  Looking at that quilt now, it's totally rudimentary but I still love it!  I haven't stopped making since that day.  I now sew on a Bernina 560 and my husband cut a hole in an Ikea desk for my machine to make a set in table, so free motion quilting is easier!  I really love modern fabrics and the modern look. I am hoping to get better at improv and negative space!

2) Why do you like being part of the RIMQG
I just love spending time with a room full of people who understand my love of making quilts.  The MQG is so informative and I have learned so much since becoming a member!
3) Why is it important to you that you are part of the Board?
I really want to try and give back to this great community, so what better way than being on the board and getting to know all the great guild members better!  I am hoping to try and overcome my fear of public speaking and learn better leadership skills at the same time.   

4) What are you most excited about for 2016 (for our group)?
I am so excited after our brainstorming session last meeting.  I am particularly interested in improv and negative space.  I really struggle with quilting in the negative space so I practically never make a quilt with it!  I really hope to work on that this year!

Sangeeta Mellen - 2016 RIMQG Secretary

1) Tell us about your quilting history (years, style, machine, business)

My mother-in-law introduced me to traditional quilting 11 years ago on a very basic Janome which I still have and love. Shortly thereafter I transitioned from a graphic design career with many deadlines to starting an online quilt shop so I would be able to work from home whilst still being able to take care of my young kids. 
Having an online quilt shop inspired me to design patterns to make kits with the fabric I was selling.  
I immediately fell in love with the creative process of watching my designs turn into something tangible.
This is when I bought my Bernina Artista 640,  which is the machine I currently use. The Universe however has a way of changing the course of our lives...
I no longer sell fabric online and just last year after about 8 years of not quilting I decided to look for a quilt guild that was more my style. I'm so glad I found it!

2) Why do you like being part of the RIMQG

I love the energy, positivity, the charitable contributions that bring happiness and joy to someone's life, the sharing of knowledge, the learning, the different styles, ideas and inspiration that everyone one brings to the group. But I especially love and value the friendships I've made being in this group.

3) Why is it important to you that you are part of the Board?

I feel honored to be part of the board as secretary and to be able to contribute my skills and ideas to help facilitate the growing needs of our guild as well as to help maintain a balance of keeping things light and fun for our members.

4) What are you most excited about for 2016 (for our group)?

I think with every year that passes we learn more and can be even more amazing with the things we create and contribute. I'm excited to see where this leads us. 

Denise Lamb - 2016 RIMQG Member Rep

1) Tell us about your quilting history (years, style, machine, business) 

I've been sewing for 50 years - gee maybe I should make myself a 'Golden Jubilee Quilt"?  My very first project was  a competition with my fellow 2nd grade friend to make a Barbie Dress (a la Ginger Rogers style).  It was a complete and utter disaster; I just couldn't figure out how to make the seams not show - right sides together? duh!    Thus began my lifelong desire to conquer every aspect of sewing.  I'm kind of a 'gold star' person, so I became a pretty darn good dressmaker.  In High School I learned tailoring, then majored in Textile Science at URI. I'd always dabbled in quilting, but only since joining RIMQG have I dove into quilting. (Quilts don't need fitting!)  I love Bernina's and have slowly moved up the ranks to my current machine, the 710.  Oh yeah! and my newest 'little' love: a gently used APQS Millennium longarm.  

2) Why do you like being part of the RIMQG 

I'm not much of a "joiner" - I usually prefer working on my own things, at my own pace.  But that first meeting of the RIMQG, for me, was like being blind and seeing for the first time!  Such color combinations, such style, such a screaming new approach!  I was hooked.  But the best part was meeting such a great and stimulating group of quilters.  I've said it before, but I'm vibrating with excitement after every meeting. 

3) Why is it important to you that you are part of the Board?

I ran for a post on the board because I felt it was time for me to "give back" to this group that has given me so much joy and encouragement.  

4) What are you most excited about for 2016 (for our group)?

I'm hoping to help the Board "tighten up" the already fabulous program.  I'd like to see us focus our study of Modern Quilting- be it through color,design, technique.  I think that the "Lucky Spool Club" that Sue Ahnrud spearheaded is going to be a major step towards achieving this goal.  

Welcome new board members! 
We look forward to a wonderful 2016 under your leadership!

December 2015 Meeting Recap

Thank you for attending our December 2015 Meeting!

We had a fun and important meeting this past Saturday. Here is the recap of what happened....

Sue A. and Jenn B. have introduced and are spearheading The Mighty Lucky Quilting Club. There was enough interest to start this group within our guild (and receive a 10% guild discount) for this monthly subscription club. A popular quilt designer/teacher will teach a different concept for you to try each month of the year.  You can sign up for the year or monthly.  The first meeting for this group will be at 1:00 pm before the January 9, 2016 meeting. If you are a paid RIMQG member, you can join the FB Group (see our FB page for members).   http://luckyspool.com/collections/patterns/products/mighty-lucky-quilting-club 

Glamp Stitchalot:  Charity and Jen S. shared their experience of attending this quilt retreat. They donned their retreat t-shirts while telling us stories of rubbing elbows with the likes of Tula Pink!

Group Brainstorm for 2016!  Members discussed the activities, presentations and direction they'd like to see for the Guild in the coming year.

Postcard Swap - Here is a sample of the adorable postcards our talented and creative members sent to each other!

Charity Committee:  Denise revealed the next completed charity quilt which was committee pieced and quilted by Denise. It was decided that it would be donated to a local little girl who has recently beaten leukemia!

Member Show and Tell:
 Jenn shared her table runner using quilt as you go technique.

 Charity made a mini applique Thimble Blossoms quilt pattern.

 Jen's "Are We There Yet?" is a Michael Miller fabric MQG challenge.

 Jessica shared her mini hexies!

Alice showed these two wall hangings featuring textured quilting.

Pat announced that two of her quilts will be shown at the Attleboro Arts Museum Art Show on December 12th.

Guild Challenge:  Due in January - "Solid"

Fat Quarter Swap - Bring a blue and white FQ if you wish to participate in the swap.

Thank you to our 2015 Board of Directors! Some of us are moving on to next year and some are retiring! We all enjoyed our terms and are proud to be a part of this wonderful guild! In order -  Jill Belisle (Secretary), Jenn Boyce (Member Rep), Karen McCann (Communications), Tara Coogan (President), Meredith Skelly (Treasurer), and Leslie Lowenstein (Vice President).

DRUM ROLL, Please........

Elections were held and we would like to present your new 2016 Board of Directors!

Congratulations to all and thank you very much for all who went out for the Board.  We plan on sending out a short profile of each newly elected board member later this month!

President,   Jill Belisle
Vice President, Leslie Lowenstein
Secretary, Sangeeta Mellen
Treasurer, Jen Smith
Communications, Jenn Boyce
Member Rep, Denise Lamb

 Sangeeta, Jen, Jill, Jenn, Leslie, Denise


2016 DUES are due and are $35.00    Please pay online through Paypal.  You don't want to miss out on all the wonderful benefits that MEMBERS receive with their paid yearly membership! Click here on our Membership Page to sign up now!   Scroll down to the bottom for Paypal link.

November Meeting Recap

It was great seeing everyone this month, we know that year-end is a busy season for most of us, so we are grateful that you took the time to join us!

Quilt Show Recap

We had our meeting later than usual this month, to accommodate the QUILT SHOW at the  Fine Furnishings Show, Pawtucket Armory Arts Center, Pawtucket, RI on November 6-8. It was a fantastic show and a BIG THANKS to the volunteers who helped setup, oversee the show all 3 days, and tear-down the show. Also Congratulations to Kathy Graves on winning best in show!! See some photos below:

Board Member Elections

We announced that during the December meeting, we will be electing our 2016 board members. We have a few existing board members wishing to participate again, but need some new volunteers as well. If you are interested in being on the 2016 board, please email: rimodernquiltguild@gmail.com with the position(s) you are interested in by Nov 30th. We will vote in December and the board will changeover with the new year. 

Here is are the current board member responsibilities:

Board Member
Welcome attendees to meetings, tell them about membership
Post fun ideas, opportunities, and resources to the Facebook page
Facilitate meetings, unless otherwise delegated to another board member
Enter new member info in membership spreadsheet
Add meeting sign-ins email updates to Mail Chimp
Add members to the MQG community site
Care for the RIMQG tote and guild supplies/forms
Coordinate with Library to reserve upcoming meeting dates
Manage RIMQG email account
Main point of contact for guest speakers, vendors, etc.
Vice President

Plan and execute Guild agenda/activities for monthly meetings
Plan and coordinate with other members to accomplish group activities/events (manage committees)
Keep guild posted on MQG events page
Manage Pinterest page/share with members
Assist President with special events/projects/etc

Manage checks and debit card
Deposit membership dues after each meeting
Manage incoming membership dues at the meetings
Manage incoming/outgoing bookkeeping
Manage PayPal account
Update ledgers to track member payments after each meeting
Member Rep

Spotlight MQG Community site and engage members to explore it
Engage members on Facebook Members page
Give membership overview at the start of each meeting (if visitors or new members are present)
Work with Communications to handle “member spotlight”

Take minutes at quarterly board meeting, post to Google Drive
Record meeting topics/resources/discussions and share with Communications after each meeting so that they can be communicated on the blog
Share resources directly via Member Facebook page

Take photos at meetings
Create blog posts (updating upcoming meeting dates)
Update upcoming meeting dates on blog
Post links to blog posts on Facebook
E-newsletters twice/month

Membership Dues Increase

After a robust year filled with guest speakers, special events, etc. and taking into consideration the high cost of being part of the national MQG, we have decided to raise our annual membership dues. While we initially announced an increase to $40, we heard your feedback during the meeting and have decided to increase to $35 annually. Our vision is to be able to provide more activities, speakers, and events, without having to ask for extra funds at the time of those events. 

At our original cost of $25 annually, the majority of those dues went straight to paying our membership to the MQG, thus leaving us with very little to "work with" throughout the year. We identified that there are many resources available to us from the MQG that we may not be taking advantage of, so we are committed to bringing more of those member benefits to your attention in 2016.

We will need 2016 dues by the December 5th meeting; please bring a check, cash, mail a check, or use Paypal.

As always, we appreciate your candid feedback as the Board of Directors works to make the RIMQG an engaging, fun, and educational group for all of our members!

Meeting Recap

During the November meeting, Denise/Fred mentioned a great app that lets you take a photo, and the app will translate the colors into a palate! What a great inspiration! The app is called Adobe Capture, and it is free on both the iTunes and Google Play app store. Thanks for the tip!

Jenn did a great demo of Fabric Postcards and facilitated a secret swap in which members will actually SNAIL MAIL their postcard to their partner before the next meeting; what a fun item to get in the mail! Email us if you missed the meeting and want the instructions!

We had a great show & tell, as usual!!

 Tara's commissioned wedding-gift quilt

  Tara's Michael Miller Glitz Fabric challenge quilt; "Deco The Halls"

  Tara's commissioned quilt using the September Quilt Of The Month pattern; Phoenix

  Patricia's wall quilt depicting a modern take on a papyrus plant, inspired by a trip to Egypt

  Sangeeta's own design, "The Gift" is adorned with inspirational words quilted into the ribbons

  Leslie's wedding gift quilt for her brother and sister-in-law; she chose to include state fabric that represented where they met and currently live

 Judy's colorful purple border was inspired by the works she saw at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts quilt show

  Denise shared her Tula Pink 100 Modern Blocks quilt she made for her parents. The quilting design was inspired by the work of MC Escher

  Denise also shared her Mariner's Compass quilt; the quilting is gorgeous! 

  Jenn's mystery quilt class at Ryco resulted in a "by the sea" color palette inspired by a trip to the Cape

 Suzanne's moving quilt captured an angel in prayer and was inspired by a cemetery scene

Next Month

Next month we will have our Fat Quarter Swap with holiday/winter themed fabric; don't forget!

Keep working on our next guild challenge project, which is any size project using only solid colors. Due in January.

Also, start thinking about ideas for our Annual Brainstorm Session; we will reflect on what we accomplished in 2015 and what we want to plan for in 2016! How can we continue to challenge ourselves to be modern? What challenge project ideas do you want to see? What types of demos, guest speakers, and special events are of interest? This brainstorm is where we pull most of our content that we deliver during the upcoming year, so please be prepared to offer your thoughts :)

Thank you all for your continued participation, enthusiasm, and quilty inspiration; see you in December!

Recap of October 2015 Meeting

Thank you for a great turnout for our October meeting and Trunk Show with Timna Tarr! Everyone was impressed and inspired by her story and her fabulous quilts! Here is a recap and photos from our meeting.

UPDATE ON QUILT SHOW at the  Fine Furnishings Show, Pawtucket Armory Arts Center, Pawtucket, RI, November 6-8.

Leslie and her committee collected our Modern Quilts to exhibit and/or sell during this upscale furnishing show. If you still want to show one of your quilts or volunteer please contact her at ljlowenstein@cox.net.   The Show organizers have asked us to help publicize the event, so please share this link http://www.finefurnishingsshows.com/pawtucket with your friends/family/contacts!  Thank you!

Fat Quarter Swap - "Fall" swap extended till next month.

Guild Challenge - "Solids" any size, make it modern!  Due in January

Timna Tarr -  http://www.timnatarr.com/

Our guest speaker from Western Massachusetts shared her story and philosophy of quilting with all of us. We all went away with lots of tips and insights from her talk. The following pictures are Timna's personal quilts:

 Her backings are often filled with the extra blocks. She sometimes uses the leftovers for label.
 Study in color - how the gold plays off each of the other colors!

"George Washington" Quilt - great story about how much fabric this took to make!

Improv Workshop she taught in Portsmouth, RI

Member Show and Tell:
 Tina's Mini Circles is super cute!

 Sissan's Black outline quilt is for a friend!

 Meredith has put the finishing touches on her Painted Phoenix. Embellishments are from her aunts and grandmother!

 Fred is continuing to experiment with his free motion quilting! Beautiful.

Leslie's Anna Graham- Noodlehead Bag with leather handles is so great!

Timna was very generous letting us get up close and personal with her quilts. She has several patterns that have been published and are for sale.

A big thank you to Mohr Memorial Library, Johnston, RI for allowing us to host our meeting this month.

We are back to the Cumberland Public Library next month (Hayden Center) on November 14th - however be aware of the date change. We are one week later due to the Quilt Show in Pawtucket!  See You Then!  Meeting from 2-4 pm.  Open Sewing is from 9-2 - Free to current members!

Recap of September 2015 Meeting

Welcome Back!

September is here and everyone is in full swing with Fall activities, including lots of quilting!
We had a wonderful meeting and everyone walked away with tips and inspiration to go home with!

Question of the Day:

" Who is your dream teacher and class? " Several members shared their favorite teachers and classes. Who and what class is on your bucket list?

Next Month: Timna Tarr - Guest Speaker and Trunk Show!

Marian J. Mohr Memorial Library
1 Memorial Ave.
Johnston, RI 
(Lower Level Conference Room)

We are in full swing to promote next month's meeting. Please mark your calendars and spread the word to attend our October 3rd Saturday meeting from 2-4 pm. Members $5.00/ Non-Members $10.

Timna will be hosting a workshop entitled "Designing with Flying Colors" on Friday, Oct. 2 for the Quilters by the Sea Guild in Portsmouth, RI. They have graciously opened the workshop to RIMQG members if space allows. $40 for full day workshop.  Please contact Susan Rood (susancats@cox.net) if you would like to be put on the list.

Quilt Show at the Fine Furnishings Show - Important Details!

We will be accepting modern quilts for our first quilt show to be hung at the Fine Furnishings Show at the Pawtucket Armory on November 6-8th. Friday night through Sunday. This is a high-end furniture show and this is a fabulous opportunity to share with the public our amazing modern quilts! You may choose to sell or not. Bring your best work to the October meeting and make sure you label your quilt and attach an Entry Form with each quilt.

Leslie Lowenstein (ljlowenstein@cox.net) and Jill Belisle  (jillb3441@hotmail.com) will be coordinating this event. Please email them to sign up for show volunteering and entry information or any other questions. 

Quilting Retreat:

6 lucky ladies will be quilting up a storm at the Fall Retreat. Why not plan on attending the next one?

Next Challenge:

Our next guild challenge will be "SOLIDS".  There are no size or design rules. Just use your creativity and modern aesthetic to make this challenge really pop!  Due on January 9, 2016 meeting.

Fat Quarter Swap:

Next month's theme will be FALL - bring your modern fall fat 1/4's and go home with something too!

Monthly Discussion:

What is your favorite shortcut?
  • Creative Grids "stripology" ruler
  • Elmer's Washable School Glue to assist in binding
  • Half square triangle methods: "folded corner clipper", "quilt in a day triangle square up ruler", magic 8 video on Craftsy
  • Judy Lancaster of Ryco will be teaching a 7 methods of cutting triangles class.

Show and Tell:

 Tina shared her Wild & Goosey patterned flying geese quilt!

 Patricia brought in her challenge quilt which was inspired by the photo to the right.

 Patricia also finished her star quilt using batiks.

 Suzanne completed up a circle wall hanging with pebble quilting!

 Suzanne got lots of ooh's and ahh's with her bird house log cabin quilt!

 MaryAnn made an adorable wall hanging for the Riley Blake challenge!

 Karen shared her daughter's quilt made by both Karen and her Mom.

 Jenn's sewing machine cover is really neat!

 Jenn also completed a quilting bee quilt called "Twister" and features a text background.

 Fred cleverly calls this his "Nap" quilt (larger version of a Lap quilt!)

 Fred explained his unique technique of serging his quilted squares together for complete his quilts!

 Sue Ellen had a wonderful time making these bright stars for her quilt!

 Mary K. showed off her bee quilt showing the wonky crosses the members made for her!

 Mary also shared her orange sashed music themed quilt top.

 Denise finished her son's strip quilt on a grey background!

 Denise also wowed us with her shadow block quilt!

 Kathy's mini Cotton and Steel was made using the Stripology Ruler!

 Kathy also shared her disappearing 9-patch using Malka Dubrawsky fabric.

Her "non-modern" night and day star quilt is striking!

Due to our Special Event and change of location there 

will not be an Open Sewing Day next month!

* Look for an email this week on upcoming shows and events you may want to attend!

Big Announcements for RIMQG

Events Update 

We have some exciting events coming up this fall, as well as the MQG’s Michael Miller challenge! Read on for details on our special guest speaker and how you can enter your quilts in our first show.

Special Guest Speaker Timna Tarr at October 3rd Meeting, 2-4 pm

NEW LOCATION: Mohr Library, 1 Memorial Ave., Johnston, RI

No Open Sew this month.

For our October 3 meeting, we’ll be treated to a lecture and trunk show by talented quilter Timna Tarr. Timna is an award-winning quilter whose work has been featured in national quilt shows, magazines, and international traveling exhibits. Check out the gallery on her website to see some of her gorgeous quilts. Then see them live on October 3, 2015 at the Marian J. Mohr Memorial Library in Johnston. We’ll meet at the usual time, 2:00 p.m. We’re asking that members pay $5 to help offset the lecture fee. Non-members are welcome, too, for a $10 charge. We hope everyone can be there—this is exciting!

Our First Quilt Show

At our August meeting, Tara announced a fantastic opportunity—to display our members’ quilts at the Fine Furnishings Show at the Pawtucket Armory, November 6-8. The show’s curator invited us to assemble a mini “show-within-a-show” at no charge to the guild. This is a GREAT way to get our feet wet without the full responsibilities of putting on a show.

This is also our opportunity to show a large audience of people who appreciate fine craftsmanship the talent we have in our guild. We hope to assemble a display of quilts that really express the aesthetics and vibrancy of modern quilting. So please enter your best modern work! Here’s how:

  1.  Fill out  entry form per quilt and bring it, along with your quilt, to the September or October meeting. All quilts and entry forms must be received by the October meeting to be considered.
  2.  Please label your quilt with your name so there’s no confusion later when quilts are returned.
  3.  Quilts will be hung on pipe and black drape using hat pins—so make sure you’re okay with your quilt being pinned. No special sleeve required.
  4. We are allowed to sell quilts at the show. If you would like to sell your quilt, please include pricing and contact information on the entry form. You will be responsible for handling sales directly with the buyer; the guild or any volunteers at the show cannot be involved.

Lastly, if you’d like to be involved in planning, set-up/break-down or volunteering at the event, please contact Leslie Lowenstein or Jill Belisle.

Quilt Show Entry Form - Please print from 8/26 email sent out.

MQG Michael Miller Challenge Details

Please click here to get details on this challenge.


Recap of August Meeting

Thanks to everyone who came out for our Summer Potluck!! We had a great day relaxing in the Gazebo, eating wonderful food, and socializing. 

We had some exciting announcements this month:

Quilting Retreat
We have shifted the dates to October 23-26 in the hopes that more can join; we currently have 3 members committed, but need a minimum of 6 to get a big enough house to have the quilting space we would like. 

Please email us at: rimodernquiltguild@gmail.com ASAP if you are interested in joining! If we don't get additional sign-ups within the next couple of weeks, we may have to cancel and try again next year. Have suggestions to make the retreat more accessible going forward? Please email your feedback; it's always welcome :)

Quilt SHOW!!!!
We have been invited to be exhibitors at the Pawtucket, RI Fine Home Furnishings Show!! This is a great opportunity to showcase our work (and offer it for sale, if we choose!)
It's taking place November 6-8, 2015 and we have about 100ft of pipe and drape to decorate with our quilts. 

**We are looking to create a committee to help with coordination for this show; please email: rimodernquiltguild@gmail.com if you would like to be part of this committee. It will entail the committee helping to develop the printed resources, coordinating the layout of the quilts to be hung, and help determine what we want to share to the public about our Guild. We need help to make this happen! Please contact us to assist :)

**We are also needing high-quality photos to be used as marketing material (most advertising is done by the show coordinator)... please email us with some photos that we can use to show the public our amazing modern work.

Check out the website for details: http://www.finefurnishingsshows.com

Now... on to our Mini Quilt Cotton & Steel Challenge Projects!

It was great taking the time to gaze upon these impressive works and discuss techniques, tools, and fabrics! 

Other Show & Tell: 

Thanks again to all who contributed food to the potluck; we have some wonderful cooks! 

See you all again next month, where we will resume our open sew and have our normal meeting hours again. See the sidebar for the next batch of meeting dates!

Recap of July Meeting

Great to see so many members at our July Meeting!

****Retreat Information*****

Deadline is July 18th!!  $150 for 3 nights!! 9/18-21.  Please email Tara ASAP and she will give you her address to mail a check. Her email is: ewehavemeinstiches@gmail.com

A big Thank You to Anthony Ferranti, 3rd generation Sewing Machine Mechanic! Anthony was very generous with his time and expertise. Here are some of the take aways from his lecture:

  • Most problems originate from the needle and bobbin case area
  • Always try changing needle, making sure to thread towards flat side of needle
  • Size 12-14 needle will do most jobs
  • Only use your needle threader on needles over size 11
  • Avoid pulling fabric with left hand as you are sewing. Results in bending needle and dinging bobbin case.
His contact info is 401-529-5488. He will fix your machine right at your home/office!

Some of our Members' Favorite Quilt Books:

  • The Block Magazine ($6.00 quarterly)
  • Mary Ellen Hopkins, It's OK if you Sit on My Quilt
  • Patchwork City
  • Modern Patchwork

Modern Quilt Guild of Charleston: Thank you to everyone who brought or made a block for our sister guild in Charleston. If you still want to participate in Quilt for Mother Emanuel for Charleston, SC Modern Guild, please click on this link. Deadline is August 1st. and you may mail your block to them directly.

Show and Tell - Riley Blake:

 Jenn did the quilt and Sue A. Long Armed it!

 Tara chose Patchwork City Blocks!

 Jessica's 94"top is The Topiary Tiles Pattern

 Sangeeta's personal reflection for her "Life is a Gift" quilt was very moving!

 Becky's Turn Dash Quilt is fabulous!

Meredith's latest creation is her interpretation of the Osprey Nest and Babies near her house!

Sue experimented with alternate grid work using the bargello style.

Denise's table runner really shows off the free motion quilting!

Member Show and Tell:

 Jenn shared the mini quilt she received from her cotton & Steel online friend!

 Tara's Flying Geese Quilt is now hanging in her office!

 Jessica's circle of squares is Cotton and Steel fabric!

 Jessica's mini is precious!

 Rachel shared her wonderful blue and white winter quilt!

 Leslie got some help from her Mom on this 1/2 square triangle bed quilt!

 MaryAnn's jazzy Bag is adorable and versatile!

 Denise chose a diamond pattern to quilt her cousin's quilt!

 Karen shared her mini challenge quilt early using cotton and steel fabrics.

Suellen's colorful runner was produced using foundation piecing!

Patricia shared her 20 fabric Bargello Chart - thanks Pat!

Great meeting everyone!  Thank you for your awesome participation and enjoy the Summer!
Next Meeting will be a Pot Luck on the Grounds of the Cumberland Library!

Recap of June Meeting

Thanks to everyone who came out this month! It sounds like our sewing time was social and productive and we look forward to resuming open sew time in September.

Due to the Library's early closing time in July and August, we are not holding open sew; as our meetings will be from 11:00am - 1:00pm (Library closes at 1:00pm).

July's meeting will be held in our usual room in the Hayden Center; and August's will be an outdoor potluck on Library grounds (room is available for rain location).

Monthly Topic: Free Motion Quilting

Celeste gave a great talk on how she prepares for free-motion quilting. The use of the dry-erase board is genius! The biggest take-away was "know where you're going next" with your quilting pattern. We encourage you to try her dry-erase board method for experimenting with designs!

Tara gave a live demo with her machine and showed how your pedal speed and quilt movement speed change the length of stitches. Consistent speed is important; and start with something simple; like loops. Use the patchwork of your quilt to divide and conquer; if you have a lot of negative space, create your own grid with chalk or Herra marker to help you feel in control of the space.

Quilting Retreat Announcement!!!!!!!

YES! It's real! We are hosting another retreat!! See the details below and email us with questions.

- Date: (check-in) Friday, Sept. 18th through (check-out) Monday, Sept. 21st.
Accommodation Type: Renting an entire home (airbnb.com) with plenty of open space for setting up tables to quilt.
- Cost: $150 per person; 3 night stay
- Distance: Under 3 hours drive from Providence (exact location TBD; house chosen will be dependent on how many members attend)
- Food: The group will coordinate and divide costs/responsibility appropriately as the retreat approaches and during that weekend.
- Deadline to reserve your spot: July 18th (cannot refund unless another person is willing to take your spot, since the count will determine the size house we rent)
- How do I pay?: Tara will have a PayPal card reader at the next guild meeting where she can take credit card payments. Other options include: mailing a check (email rimodernquiltguild.com for mailing address) or sending a paypal payment to rimodernquiltguild@gmail.com

Show and Tell

 Charity – Betsy Traveler Bag

Charity - Cotton + Steel mini challenge quilt 
(shown early since she made it for a mini swap)

 A beautiful patchwork quilt with Arizona-themed border fabric!

  Jenn – Hand quilting all done on her in-progress quilt!

 Tina – Stacked Squares quilt made for a friend for her daughter’s graduation

 Denise – “First long-arm quilt” quilted on her new long-arm with lots of reds and yellows

 Denise- One-Block Wonder (also called Stack & Whack) quilt 
was the second project she quilted on her new machine

 Suzanne – Hand printed birch tree design using the Gelli Plate technique

Suzanne- a four-patch squares quilt that she made from a kit and decided she likes doing her own thing much more!

 Fred – Playing with FMQ: mini squares quilt with lots of negative space

 Fred- FMQ practice quilt with quilting that reminds him of fireflies against a night sky

 Pat – Gelli Plate printed fabric pieces 

  Pat - Bargello quilt

Kathy – Striking all-solids HST quilt top that’s ready for some FMQ

Coming Up....

Our July Meeting will feature local sewing machine maintenance expert, Anthony Ferranti. 

His contact info is:
11 Anna Sayles Rd.
Lincoln, RI 02865

RI Modern Quilt Guild Member Interview

Let's Get to Know Denise.....

I'm Denise Lamb of Sterling, CT    I am strictly a hobbyist, (but who knows?)

I’m a wife, mother of 6 children (1 biological, 5 adopted (1-Korean, 4 Chinese) – with a 12 year old and special needs 20 year old still at home).  I’m a semi-retired professional organizer, and happy, happy sewist/quilter.
  1. How did you learn to quilt and how old were you?
I began sewing when I was 7 years old, and remained primarily a ‘sewist’ for most of my life.  If it can be made of fabric and thread, then I have probably made it.   This fascination led me to a degree in Textile Science from URI.   In the 90’s I learned English Smocking and French Sewing and got really good at that.   I had dabbled in quilting here and there, but only since joining RIMQG have I decided to seriously pursue quilting as a hobby.
  1. What was your first machine and do you still have it?
I got my very own sewing machine (a Brother) when I was about 12 because my mother couldn’t STAND the mess I made of her sewing room.   In 1980 I bought my first Bernina 830, so that I could make my wedding gown.   I’m  really happy to say that the machine remains in the family!  My sister-in-law in Oregon bought it from me when I decided to upgrade.  It still sews like a dream.  I have owned 4 Bernina’s over the years and now sew on the B710;  Mary Ann Koblentz named her “Big Bertha”.
  1. Can you tell us about a favorite personal quilt?
A favorite quilt?  That’s like asking “Who is your favorite child?”.  Hmmmmm, maybe I’ll bring up three favorites?   My mother had started a simple quilt in the early ‘60’s made of 3” squares, all corduroy.  I finished that in the early 80’s, but God knows where that is now.  Another quilt was a design of concentric half-square triangles cut by cardboard template that my husband helped put together – just to prove he could!  And another that I dearly love, is one I made from all the scraps from my oldest daughter’s handmade childhood dresses.  It’s a Drunkard’s Path with center appliqué.  You can see it in the photo behind my longarm – it’s on the far left.  A neighbor hand quilted it for me (for $20!!!) in 1984.

  1. If you were to do this quilt over, would you do anything differently?
Nothing…it’s charming and full of sentiment.  I think my best quilts are those made with sentiment and love.  When each of my children flee the nest, they get a ‘love quilt’ from me – to take all of Mama’s love to their new home.
  1. What is your favorite quilting technique?
A month ago I would have said “piecing”, but now , being the proud new owner of a Nolting longarm, I can’t wait to get a top done to practice machine quilting.
  1. Do you follow a Modern Quilter/Blog/Fabric House?  Why do you like them?
I don’t follow any blogs, not really sure what’s out there.  I do admit to being a Pinterest Addict.
  1. What tips would you give a new quilter?
Be Organized!!!   There’s a difference between creative chaos and an  uncontrolled mess.    I can’t think clearly if I can’t find my tools. I am by NO means a ‘neat sewist’ -  My sewing room can get to look pretty disastrous when I’m in the middle of a project.   But, that said,  I won’t start a new project until I have completely cleaned up my space.  Everything in the room has a  ‘home’,   so when I get the urge to tidy up, I can do so very  quickly. (like when Jodi asked me to  send pictures of my sewing room!)   I have a large shelf under my cutting table, that works like a junk drawer – and that gets cleaned up at least once a month.
My last daughter moved out last year freeing up the largest bedroom  (13’ x 20’) for my new sewing room. It’s a storage heaven, with  two large fully shelved closets and  a built-in bureau with 8 deep drawers.   My sweet hubby, (who fully supports my all- consuming hobby), not only re-designed my cutting table, and perfected the mechanics of my longarm, he has also installed 4 banks of track lighting with a total 13,000 lumens of LED daylight bulbs – did I say it’s well lit?   There’s also a table and sewing machine available for when a friend wants to come over and sew.  I’ve always had a sewing room, but this new space is absolutely incredible. Sometimes I just go up there and sit and stare.  It was worth the 35 year wait.  
  1. What does modern quilting mean to you?
Modern Quilting, to me, means “Challenge”.  I’m thrilled to the core when I explore this new area of sewing, designing and quilting.  It forces me to work and think outside of my “box”, really stretching me and challenging me to grow.
  1. Please show us some pictures of your sewing area.

  1. What is something you love about Rhode Island?
What’s not to love about RI?  Family, first and foremost – I am fortunate enough to still have my happy, healthy 86 year old parents living in Warwick.   Also, two of my brothers are moving back to the area.  Food!  Yeah – RI has some of the greatest restaurants on the planet.  And, living in RI allows you to be within 90 minutes of 3 major cities; within 3 hours of the white mountains, not to mention that the beach is in your backyard!
Thank You Denise!