Membership Fee Schedule


Visitors: Your first meeting is FREE; second meeting is $5. If you choose to join at that point, your $5 is credited towards your membership dues.

Members: Your dues are $40 from January 1st until June 1st. If you register after June 1st, your dues for the year are $25. Junior member (under the age of 18) dues are $15 for the year, regardless of when you sign up.

Our Cancellation Policy for Lectures
& Workshops


To attend a Lecture or a Workshop hosted by RIMQG, payment must be paid before the start of the event.

There will be no refunds for an event unless the Lecturer/Workshop Instructor cancels. The refund will abide by any contracts signed by the Lecturer/Workshop Instructor.

If you are unable to attend an event you have already paid for, you may “sell” your spot to another member (or non-member if the event is open to the public). The “selling” of your spot will be up to you and your replacement. Please let the RIMQG organizer of the event know of your replacement so that any supplies/info can be forwarded on to the replacement person.

RIMQG contracts with an event person based on the members that sign up for the event. If you cancel, RIMQG still needs to pay the event person that we brought to you based on your commitment to attend the event. We hope you understand.

NOTE: There are separate Cancellation Policies for things like Retreats. These policies are case by case controlled by the contracts RIMQG signs.